{Fall Mini-Sessions} Family Portrait Sessions at Valley Forge Park | Main Line and Valley Forge Family Portrait Photographer

So it sure has been a while since I last posted on the blog. I’ll pick up from where I left off. In October I shot my second annual day of mini-sessions at Valley Forge Park. It was the most perfect Autumn day – yummy golden light, gorgeous foliage and most importantly beautiful families. Truly a fun-filled day with tons of belly laughs and adorable smiles from the cutest kiddos around :) Can’t wait to do it again this year. Here are some of my favorites from the day. Enjoy!
2016-10-23_neill_11 2016-10-23_neill_06 2016-10-23_neill_40 2016-10-23_rovine_38 2016-10-23_rovine_28 2016-10-23_rovine_21 2016-10-23_toto_17 2016-10-23_toto_42 2016-10-23_toto_31 2016-10-23_edwards_22 2016-10-23_edwards_47 2016-10-23_edwards_29 2016-10-23_henderson_16 2016-10-23_henderson_04 2016-10-23_henderson_72 2016-10-23_harold_08 2016-10-23_harold_30 2016-10-23_harold_29 2016-10-23_cook_13 2016-10-23_cook_01 2016-10-23_gilligan_06 2016-10-23_gilligan_28 2016-10-23_kawka_04 2016-10-23_kawka_16 2016-10-23_kawka_46 2016-10-23_moseley_26 2016-10-23_moseley_18 2016-10-23_thompson_44 2016-10-23_thompson_10 2016-10-23_thompson_42 2016-10-23_thompson_26 2016-10-23_krill_44 2016-10-23_krill_36 2016-10-23_krill_28 2016-10-23_krill_40 2016-10-23_corkery_19 2016-10-23_corkery_32 2016-10-23_corkery_25 2016-10-23_corkery_05 2016-10-23_quinones_22 2016-10-23_quinones_11

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