{Married} Hillary + Ryan’s Rustic Chic Wedding at Normandy Farm | Blue Bell Wedding Photographer

Hillary and Ryan are two of the nicest people I’ve been lucky enough to work with. They had a beautiful wedding day, for sure. They were married at a gorgeous church called St. John Chysostom Catholic Church in Wallingford. What an adorable town it is, too. That’s one of the many things I love about the Greater Philadelphia area. There are so many cute towns tucked away here and there. After the ceremony, we headed into downtown Media to get some quick portraits before heading to their reception at Normandy Farm. If you’re looking for a picturesque and rustic venue with barn doors, wooden beams, shiplap walls and wrought iron details then search no more. It was so gorgeous and the staff there is wonderful, too. Hillary and Ryan were definitely lucky to be surrounded by such an amazing group of family and friends on their wedding day. There’s no better way to tie the knot! I could feel all the love for these two special people. With tears of joy and heart-warming, moving moments, their wedding was one I will never forget. Here are some of my favorite photos from their day. I hope you enjoy scrolling through them! Congrats to Hillary and Ryan!

Hair: Lauren Hassinger and Carla Alba

Makeup: Christina Botial

Florist: Willow and Thistle

Reception Venue + Cake: Normandy Farm

Photography: Angelina M. Photography

normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-01 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-02 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-03 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-04 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-05 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-06 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-07 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-08 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-09 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-10 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-11 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-12 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-13 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-15 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-16 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-17 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-18 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-19 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-20 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-21 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-22-1 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-22 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-23 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-24 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-25 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-26 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-27 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-28 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-29 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-30 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-31 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-32 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-33 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-34 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-35 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-36 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-37-1 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-37 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-38 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-40 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-41-1 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-41 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-43 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-44 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-45 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-46 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-47 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-48 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-49-1 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-49 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-52 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-53 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-54 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-55 normandy-farm-autumn-wedding-56



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