{Married} Shamrock + Matt’s Navy and Pink Wedding at the Radnor Valley Country Club | Main Line, Radnor Wedding Photographer

Shamrock and Matt got married recently at the Radnor Valley Country Club. It was a gorgeous, perfect day and Shamrock looked stunning. So easy-going and natural, we had plenty of time to spend with them and captured some wonderful moments. From getting ready to their first look to the reception, this venue provided so many beautiful settings for their photos. And it was lots of fun spending time with Shamrock, Matt and their bridal parties. Such a wonderful group of friends and family! Here are some of my favorite photos from their day…Congrats again to this beautiful couple! Shamrock and Matt, we had so much fun with you on your wedding day and were so honored to share it with you and your loved ones! :)

Wedding Gown: Pronovias from “The Wedding Pavilion at Van Cleve”
Flowers: Blue Moon Florist
Hair: Kiersten Ferrandino of Jay Michael Salon
Makeup: Victoria Roggio of Make Me Up Pretty
DJ: DJ Donnie of Philly Event Group
Cake: The Master’s Baker
Venue: Radnor Valley Country Club

Photography: Engagement Session at Longwood Gardens and Wedding Day Photography – Angelina M. Photography

untitled radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-01 untitled2 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-03 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-02 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-06 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-07 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-04 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-05 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-08 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-09 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-10 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-11 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-12


radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-37 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-13 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-14 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-15 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-16 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-17 untitled3 untitled4 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-18 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-19 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-20 untitled5 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-21 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-22 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-23 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-24 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-25 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-26 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-27 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-28 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-29 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-30 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-31 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-32 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-33 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-34 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-35 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-36 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-39 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-40 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-41 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-42 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-43 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-44 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-45 untitled6 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-46 untitled7 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-50 untitled8 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-48 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-47 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-49 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-51 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-52 radnor-valley-country-club-wedding-53

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