{Newborn/Family} Baby Sophia in Philadelphia | Philadelphia Newborn and Family Lifestyle Photographer

This time of year obviously makes everyone you know what to cuddle up in some warm pajamas and sit in front of a toasty fire. Sound amazing, right? Well I know of something even better. Cuddling up with a newborn baby :) Having a baby in the winter is personally my favorite, and especially if it’s your first. I have two winter babies myself and there is nothing more rewarding than being cooped up in your warm and cozy house, snuggling your little one and watching the snow fall outside. Recently, I met up with Christine, Greg, Baby Sophia and pup Kora for their newborn/family/lifestyle session. Sophia has an amazingly natural-lit nursery so we chose to snap some memorable photos of this beautiful little girl and her wonderful family there (including some funny ones of their sweet puppy!). Here are some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy!

philadelphia newborn and family photographer-6

philadelphia newborn and family photographer-2


philadelphia newborn and family photographer-3

philadelphia newborn and family photographer-4



philadelphia newborn and family photographer-5

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