{Family & Twin Baby Girls} Angelina, Luke, Olivia & Sophie at Valley Forge Park | Montgomery County Family & Baby Photographer

Angelina and I met a little over 10 years ago while studying abroad in Italy. It’s actually pretty funny how it all happened. I had just arrived to my apartment and was on the phone desperately trying to find my lost luggage. People warned me that the airlines abroad lost luggages all the time and I thought “oh yeah, not going to happen to me” and it did. Not the best start to my first experience in another country! Anyway, while I was on the phone Angelina was on her patio just below mine and we got to talking, realizing that we had SOOO much in common, it was actually pretty scary. So we became friends :) And having met thousands of miles away from home over a decade ago, who would’ve thought that we’d end up living only 15 minutes away from each other! Angelina and Luke have two beautiful twin girls…they are seriously blessed! And I am so grateful that I got to photograph them together for their first family portraits…hope you enjoy some of my favorite photos!

10172015_Medico_08 10172015_Medico_13 10172015_Medico_19 10172015_Medico_24 10172015_Medico_25 10172015_Medico_45 10172015_Medico_47

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