{Personal/Newborn} Welcome, Rosalie! | Philadelphia Newborn Portrait Photographer

So, here it is! The first blog post of the year and I’d like to start by sharing some photos of my beautiful baby girl who was born on February 13th. We had no idea we were having a girl until those infamous words were spoken by the doctor in the delivery room on that frigid, cold, early morning just before the biggest snowstorm of the year. “It’s a girl!” Instantly our hearts were once again filled with so much joy, not only because our second child had finally made her arrival (6 days late) but also because we could give her the most beautiful name, Rosalie, after my wonderful mother. She has brought us all so much joy, especially to her big brother! Needless to say, blogging has been a bit hard to do with a little one toddling around and an infant who needs most all my attention. Though I’m glad I finally got the chance to share some of my absolute favorites so far. :)

newborn baby portrait_1

newborn baby portrait_2

newborn baby portrait_3

two month baby portrait

sibling photography_brother and sister

newborn _mommy_ Mother_Daughter

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