{5 weeks old} Erica, Mitch & Baby Charlotte in Malvern, PA | Lifestyle Family & Newborn Portrait Photographer

I can’t even begin to describe the amount of joy I feel when photographing a newborn baby with his/her proud new mommy and daddy. It really is something so special on so many levels. Not only am I in the presence of such a sweet little angel but I am able to feel the unconditional love that is present from the moment I step foot in that family’s house. That is exactly how it felt when I met with Erica and Mitch not too long ago to photograph their beautiful family of three. Their little girl, Charlotte, is only 5 weeks old in these photos but it honestly felt like Erica and Mitch had been parents for a lifetime. They had such an incredible ease about them throughout their session that even when Charlotte became a little fussy, they both immediately soothed her with their voices/touch, and made it look very easy! So needless to say, it wasn’t very difficult to get beautiful shots of them together and just relaxing and enjoying an afternoon cuddling together in the comfort of their own home. Some of my favorite photos are included below and I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

malvern newborn & family portraits_1-1 malvern newborn & family portraits_1 malvern newborn & family portraits_2 malvern newborn & family portraits_3 malvern newborn & family portraits_4 malvern newborn & family portraits_5 malvern newborn & family portraits_6 malvern newborn & family portraits_7 malvern newborn & family portraits_8 malvern newborn & family portraits_9 malvern newborn & family portraits_10

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