{Married} Anna & Weiwei’s Wedding at the Mountain Lakes House in Princeton, NJ | Princeton Wedding Photographer

A couple weekends ago I had the honor of shooting another beautiful wedding at the Mountain Lakes House in Princeton, NJ. My first time there (for Kathleen & Steve’s wedding last year) I fell in love with this venue. It is so relaxed and rustic and has such beautiful scenery on the grounds surrounding the house. This time around, I discovered some wonderful, new spots which created a beautiful backdrop for some first look and bride/groom portraits of Anna and Weiwei. These two were so wonderful to photograph and to be with that day. Not only did they both have this unbelievable ease and calmness about them all day but the entire wedding seemed to go that way as well (with a special thanks to their wedding coordinator, Christina Wu). There was so much rainy weather in the forecast, we were all really worried that the portraits or ceremony (or both) would get rained out but that never happened. The stars aligned for them on that day for sure. But, honestly, nothing could have ruined their day because they were just so focused on their love for each other and for their family and friends that nothing could ruin that! The reception was lovely with a lot of fun music provided by Aiden an A.J. from Unforgettable DJs and mouthwateringly, delicious food by Ultimate Caterer. It surely was a perfect beginning to Anna & Weiwei’s “happily ever after” and I’m honored to have been apart of it! Hope you enjoy some of my favorites from the day!

mountain lakes house wedding-1 mountain lakes house wedding-2 mountain lakes house wedding-3 mountain lakes house wedding-4mountain lakes house wedding-5 mountain lakes house wedding-6 mountain lakes house wedding-7 mountain lakes house wedding-8mountain lakes house wedding-9mountain lakes house wedding-9-1 mountain lakes house wedding-12 mountain lakes house wedding-13 mountain lakes house wedding-14 mountain lakes house wedding-15mountain lakes house wedding-16mountain lakes house wedding-17 mountain lakes house wedding-18mountain lakes house wedding-19 mountain lakes house wedding-20 mountain lakes house wedding-21 mountain lakes house wedding-22 mountain lakes house wedding-23 mountain lakes house wedding-24 mountain lakes house wedding-25

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