{My Baby Boy} His First Haircut!

It’s truly amazing how quickly time flies when you’re a new mom. And so the time had come for me to give in and succumb to the fact that Tommy needed a haircut. Yes, that’s right – his first haircut. We had decided it was time for someone to snip away at those adorably, soft little locks that he came into this world with. Heartbreaking (all you mommas out there understand where I am coming from!). So this is a BIG step, a HUGE milestone, if you will. And it definitely had to be documented. Off we went, to the hair salon to trim up this baby boy’s hair (and you’ll see that it was more than necessary at this point – only 7 months old). He was extremely well behaved. Didn’t even cry once! In fact, he was very interested in scoping out the scene around him. And afterwards, as proud parents, we decided to celebrate with a little bit of ice cream – for us, that is :). But that didn’t stop Tommy from trying to get his cute little hands all over Daddy’s ice cream cone! All in all, it was a very productive day and our little boy became a little man!

Tommy, checking himself out in the mirror :) I think he likes his new haircut!

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