{Children} Carter, Griffin & Maddox | Portrait Session at Arcadia University

Where do I begin with these boys? Well, I’ve been sitting for them since I was in college so I can pretty much say that I feel like I’m part of the family. Their parents, Jamie and Eric, are definitely two of the coolest parents I know. The amount of love I have for this family is definitely immeasurable. The boys are so unique but similar all at the same time. Carter is a big time athlete…baseball, basketball, hockey, football…whatever it is, he has an intense love for sports. Griffin is such a character. He’s definitely got a great sense of humor and can perform air guitar on cue, no matter what the location. And there’s Maddox who is a little love bug. So sweet, independent and curious. He wants to learn everything he possibly can and sometimes, I feel like I’m talking to a teenager! So, here we are at Arcadia’s campus and I have to say that they were so well behaved during this exciting little session!

4 thoughts on “{Children} Carter, Griffin & Maddox | Portrait Session at Arcadia University

  1. Angie, you should be as proud of your photos as Eric and I are of our boys! Beautiful!!! You nailed each of their personalities in your blog and it comes through in these photos! Thanks for a great session and for being such a wonderful addition to our family!

  2. i want to steal these kids! so cute, i love your photos ang! :) you can get paid – A LOT – for your work!

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