Springtime in Conshy

Even with the cold weather lingering around, Spring has peeked in here and there, especially last weekend. And with the warmer weather came my inspiration to walk around town and snap some shots (which I’ve waited all winter for!). Hope you enjoy the tour :)

One of Conshy’s landmarks…GAP

Some local businesses…I’ve always loved the Tudor style details.

Saint Matthews Church…by far the most gorgeous church in town.

And I was so lucky to find it open!

Low lighting can be fun :)

I, too love doors! Just like my wedding photographer, Lauren Schwarz :)

Another beautiful church

And this building is also part of the Conshohocken Police Dept. Gorgeous, right?

 Spring is here! Well, almost.

And finally one of Conshohocken’s Fire Departments. Washington Fire Company.

2 thoughts on “Springtime in Conshy

  1. Your pictures are amazing! I love the red door and the great american pub best! Love the work. Ok so I need to get you over to get a family shot of us! Love you, Linda

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